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belonging is vital - france

Belonging Is Vital

Belonging is vital. You crave it like a drug as a human ‘animal’. Tribe is how we survived as cave dwellers and your brain is still hard wired to belonging. Trouble is, we get it confused with ‘status’. And money.

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Dr Libby Kemkaran - France - Balcony

Copycat has had it’s day?

🤨It’s so tempting to copy someone else. Doesn’t work in this market anymore. Why? Because your brain is beginning to evolve. ❓Notice how the bro marketing is slowly beginning to fade? The screaming of ‘look how much money I’ve made’

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Stop and Pause

🛑Stop. Pause. Because: When you’re racing and driving and pushing… your masculine is in full dopamine reward mode, and you start to NEED the hit. You crave it like the hefty drug it is. And if you don’t get it

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cheese truck - sloooow down

Sloooow Down

It took this mahoosive cheese truck to sloooow me down. When it dramatically and implacably blocks your vitesse, you suddenly have zero choice. I realised as I gazed around at the avenues of trees and the fields and fields of

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Choose To Find The Joy On Purpose

I chose to get on the carousel with my kids whilst every other parent stood round the outside watching. Did I know it was going to be quite so much ridiculous fun? No but it’s like flipping a coin. Getting

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Tame Your Brain® branded journal - lined paper

The Power Of Journalling

Something happens when you value yourself. Something happens when you honour your journey through this life and commit it to paper.  Something powerful happens when we journal. The Power Of Journalling There is a biochemical shift in your brain when

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Dr Libby Kemkaran - Surprise Win

Action gets results. A Surprise Win

#surprisewin I’ve taken REPEATED actions to get to the business I run today obvs. But they don’t always look like you think they will. Your brain is more clever than you think, but do you trust it enough to go

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Crazy is being right too early

Crazy is being right too early. It’s catching the zeitgeist and saying ‘I know what’s coming’ and then doing it, long before anyone else gets it. It’s feeling so deeply that you know what to say next, even when everyone

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Student edition of Tame Your Brain

❤️Beautiful people. I know many of you are proud owners of semi ferals like me. If you too are dealing with the hell that is this exam season, after 2yrs of disruption, then I did a thing for us today.

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