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The Power Of Journalling

Something happens when you value yourself. Something happens when you honour your journey through this life and commit it to paper.  Something powerful happens when we journal. The Power Of Journalling There is a biochemical shift in your brain when

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Dr Libby Kemkaran - Surprise Win

Action gets results. A Surprise Win

#surprisewin I’ve taken REPEATED actions to get to the business I run today obvs. But they don’t always look like you think they will. Your brain is more clever than you think, but do you trust it enough to go

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Crazy is being right too early

Crazy is being right too early. It’s catching the zeitgeist and saying ‘I know what’s coming’ and then doing it, long before anyone else gets it. It’s feeling so deeply that you know what to say next, even when everyone

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Student edition of Tame Your Brain

❤️Beautiful people. I know many of you are proud owners of semi ferals like me. If you too are dealing with the hell that is this exam season, after 2yrs of disruption, then I did a thing for us today.

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Of course I moved forward

Walked my girls to school in a vain attempt to start getting strong again. I like food way too much. I also love that tickle, that little frisson of the unknown, so on the way back I took a right

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A Day In The Life - Libby Kemkaran Desk

A Day In My Life!

7.30am woken by kitten doing the wall of death off my headboard, and, unfortunately my face. Shower with her watching, then get kids up whilst in a towel, resisting all ‘5more minutes’ pleas whilst listening to early Voxer from Asia

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Balancing Personalities - Back to Work

Balancing Personalities – Back to Work

I am a massive fan of neuroplasticity. I know it’s an off-putting word, but hear me out. I did a webinar this week for the mighty BVNA, with many thousands of members who are our frontline care staff. Understandably, there’s

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libby in front of venice church closeup

When Did You Last Get Away?

Here’s me in Venice taking my own advice of ‘Get away and get to your goals faster’. So when did you last get away? Now here’s the thing. You might immediately think ‘I don’t have the time’ or ‘I’m too

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The Tame Your Brain® Academy

Tame Your Brain Academy

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