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adhd coaching - dr libby kemkaran tips for travelling

ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching leads to some interesting hyper focus specialist subjects, this is probably my favourite sidebar of all time. Knowledge is everything for transformation, so I always skill myself up first so I can lead others. Having ADHD relentless NOISE

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no-one can rewire your brain for you

No one Can Rewire Your Brain For You

Please Note No one can rewire your brain for you. No one can change your subconscious coding. You can though. But often not alone. Because the chains of habit and identity are too light to be felt, until they are

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Libby Kemkaran - Coaching - Tame Your Brain

Some Of My Clients Will Never Speak My Name.

They won’t leave glowing testimonials. And you won’t even know I’m coaching them. Because they’re high up enough for this to be VERY down low. Because Neurocoaching has in irresistible allure for powerful people. Because it works so bloody fast.

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libby post 17 july 2023 - bed cat croissants

The glossy lifestyle only takes you so far…

I’ve never sold you my lifestyle, but it’s pivotal to my success. Because it includes lazy down time Yes that’s 1.5 croissants, not just 1 because, croissants. Large bite of one fresh from the oven . Yes that’s yesterdays paper,

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when i get there - tame your brain

When I get there, THEN I’ll feel happy

‘When I get there, THEN I’ll feel happy…’ Sound familiar? We all suck at this game, we get jealous, and it’s the quickest way to fail. Because your thoughts create things. This is scientifically proven. – What you focus on

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belonging is vital - france

Belonging Is Vital

Belonging is vital. You crave it like a drug as a human ‘animal’. Tribe is how we survived as cave dwellers and your brain is still hard wired to belonging. Trouble is, we get it confused with ‘status’. And money.

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Dr Libby Kemkaran - France - Balcony

Copycat has had it’s day?

🤨It’s so tempting to copy someone else. Doesn’t work in this market anymore. Why? Because your brain is beginning to evolve. ❓Notice how the bro marketing is slowly beginning to fade? The screaming of ‘look how much money I’ve made’

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