True ‘Voice’ comes from knowing who you really are

🎤 Want the mic? Want to hold the stage? Want to know how to get your message across and connect with charisma and confidence? True ‘Voice’ comes from knowing who you really are. Find out more with my Tame Your Brain® – Voice programme.

👉 I’ve been on stages big and small, long before the humble FB live or Insta story made an appearance. 2yrs ago I got my TEDx badge ❤️. I was speaking on a subject I’m hugely passionate about, how to influence behaviour in other people. How can you impact others if you don’t start with you?

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Stuff I’ve learnt:

🎙️ Don’t script. Don’t ever script. Because you’ll sound weird and inauthentic, even if you practice. Speak to people instead and ask the rhetorical question.

🎙️ What’s a rhetorical question?

Well, easier to show rather than tell, don’t you think?

🎙️ What else have I learnt?

I’ve pulled the learnings into VOICE, a 5 step system which covers Visibility, Ownership of your story, Ideation, Communication, and Energetics.

Because finding your true voice to speak from heart is where this journey begins to your life of impact 👉🚀

Did you know there are 4 brain types? And depending on if your brain is wired a certain way, you’ll communicate and be visible in COMPLETELY different ways?

Want to know more? Your stage awaits…🔥🚀🏆🎙️

The Tame Your Brain® – Voice programme

I have a proven 5 step method ‘VOICE’ which creates authentic and impactful presentations that influence and move people. I can teach this to you in 5days.

Check out my Tame Your Brain® – Voice programme. Be Heard.