The Power Of Journalling

Something happens when you value yourself. Something happens when you honour your journey through this life and commit it to paper. 

Something powerful happens when we journal.

The Power Of Journalling

There is a biochemical shift in your brain when you integrate your lived experience into writing and having a trusted place which your brain knows isn’t going to be judged by anyone else is actually huge. 

I created a beautiful journal to accompany my clients as they grow and transform. Tame Your Brain® is more than a catchy slogan (which I still love now, 10yrs after I started using it and 4yrs after I built a programme around it). It’s a way of life.

Your brain is a seething bag of biochemistry, a single thought causes a wash of hormones throughout your body as chemical messengers to signal a response. And this makes you feel stuff deep in your body. 

Butterflies. That sinking feeling. Panic. Dread. Fear. Self doubt. Certain doom.

The only way out? Put words on your feelings.

When we language, we move emotions from one bit of the brain to another. We go from emotional, into logical. Tamed and more in control.

How effective do you think you are if you’re at the mercy of every thought that flashes through your chimp brain? 

How sensible are you when you’re feeling all the feelings?? Journalling is where we get to slow, to take a breath, and integrate what we’re learning every day we’re alive. 

I’ve been doing this for years in crappy free books. It was a game changer when I honoured myself enough to do it in a ‘special’ journal. 

Tame Your Brain® branded journal

So buy yourself a pretty, you can buy my shiny book here. Or sign up to my next course (Tame Your Brain® – Trinity), and I’ll send you one as my gift to you, as we walk shoulder to shoulder through this crazy thing called life. 

Because you deserve to feel important enough to take time on you, and you deserve to have a beautiful journal that reminds you how special you are every time you pick it up. 

You deserve more. So journal, and change your mind, and this will change your life overnight, it did for me. Value you. Discover the power of journalling. Starting now. 

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