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The Power To Influence

Ready to find your voice? Ready to be heard?

Ready to roar?  This is for you if you can say yes to 3 or more of these:

Then join me, TEDx speaker and international keynote, who was once just like you!

I used to sit in the audience, gazing up at people like Tony Robbins and John DeMartini and Bob Proctor and T. Herv Ecker, wondering ‘how can they connect so effortlessly and impact so many??’

And …why are there not more females up there?

So I started reading. I read over 20 books just on public speaking.  I read 100s of scientific books and papers.  And I learnt about this magical power to influence that we all have as humans.

Did you know that depending on your brain type, there’s a different way you should be connecting and communicating?

Did you know your influence depends on it?

Did you know there is a set format to crafting a killer presentation?

Did you know there is a set time you should spend on each section of your presentation, depending whether it’s on a real stage or on a FB Go live or an in-person meeting?

No neither did I.

Once I learnt this stuff I began getting booking after booking, including an audience of 14k people in my biggest ever gig, and I’ve even been on the stage with John Assaraf, Ellie Goulding and Clive Anderson!! #swoon

I’ve been flown to Austria and put up for a week with my family to speak at an international conference

I’ve been invited on podcast after podcast

I’ve spoken at major UK conferences on topics I really care about like diversity, sustainability, gender equality, female empowerment and the rise of the divine feminine.

I’ve impacted 1000’s of people around the globe

Roger Hamilton from Entrepreneurs Institute has interviewed me on ‘How I made my first 100k’

I won Entrepreneur of the year at the Global Women awards 2021 and have been nominated for 3 others in 10months

And now I’ve built a programme that gives the tools to you, so that you can do the same.

And get there faster than I did. Without having to read all the books and the scientific papers on the neuroscience of communication and success.


We Will Be Covering

Sound Good?

Get on board now at our founder price, this is the last time we run Voice until next year, so grab your seat in the room to immediately up-level your voice, and grow your power to influence NOW.

The next Voice is launching later this year. Sign up to my newsletter to find out when.

Testimonial on iPhone - Georgia S
Testimonial on iPhone - Jocelin P

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

Voice is 5 x 1 hour live sessions with Dr Libby Kemkaran – November 7th to November 11th

  • 1:1 appraisal at the end for those brave enough to speak up
  • Your own free Big Cat Brain profile to tell you how to speak to others who are not like you
  • Private FB group to interact with the others on the journey
  • Lifetime access to the recordings if you can’t make any live
  • 1wk intense LIVE modules with me followed by live Q&A at the end

See what others have said

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

See what others have said

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

Testimonial on iPhone Triple - Judy - Lorna - Victoria-web

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

See what others have said

The past few weeks I've been feeling great! Ever since we've started the course I feel like someone has given me permission just to go out there and be me again, it's ace!

Watch out world, Georgia is back in the game and she's so so grateful about it x
Georgia S
"Thanks for a brilliant course Libby! As you promised, it has helped me take “the Next step” in my journey. With your help, I’ve managed to define and decide. Next stop... declare."
Samantha A
"I launched my product in the second week, but I have some good news. I made £2800 in 10 days, from technically 12 hours work in the evenings and I now have the tools set to do the same."
Katie F

Tame Your Brain® - Voice

Pay In Full

  • One Payment

Pay Over 3 Months

3 x $800
  • Three Payments

If you want to discuss anything about Voice before booking, organise a free no-obligation chat here.


  • Free Tame Your Brain® Journal
  • 30 min 1:1 to critique their personal power statement and laser coaching session with Dr Libby
  • Big Cat Brain Profile debrief to understand your brain type.

About Dr Libby

For those of you that haven’t worked with me yet, I’m Dr Libby Kemkaran, a Neurocoach, and peak performance specialist, Flow Consultant, speaker and Business Mentor.  I work with fabulous humans around the globe to get out of their own way and finally get the life and business they desire.  I’ve run several businesses and I know what it takes to grow and scale to build a passive income stream. 

I used to be a consultant in the city before I went to Cambridge University in the UK and gained my degree in Behaviour.  I learnt so much about the Neural Mechanisms of behaviour, and ‘why people do what they do’ that I became passionate about helping others understand what’s holding them back – and how to get massively productive and stop the self-sabotage! 

After 20yrs experience and working with 1000’s of people around the world I know exactly how to help you work with your neurology and rewire your brain to remove the doubts and fears holding you back so you can reach those 10k months with grace and ease.  I’ve been invited to speak about these subjects at many conferences and stages around the world.  I’m a TEDx speaker and circle host and I’m delighted to offer you a chance to work with me and “TAME® Your Brain” to help boost your chances of world domination this year.  It’s really simple when you know how. You need to know this – don’t let 2022 pass you by.

Come join me to use this time when the world is changing incredibly fast, and let’s get you started on this amazing knowledge that will revolutionize the way you think about your business brain.

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve.  Take action now.

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