Tame Your Brain® - Trinity

What’s possible in just 14 days? How about learning the tools you need to change your life?

Your Business.

Now you can Tame Your Brain® and redesign your life in just 14 days. You get to have it all.

It’s time to align, mind body and soul, working as one towards the life of your dreams. Effortlessly bringing yourself back into focus, soothing your nervous system and building that bullet proof mindset so you can move with ease and grace on your path to your goals.

2wks, 10 lessons, step by step rebuilding your belief in where you’re going and your focus on how to get there.

Followed by a 6 month Mastermind with 1 group session per month.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train LIVE with Libby, NeuroCoach TEDx speaker and Flow Consultant, and creator of TAME® and Founder of The Big Cat Business Brain®. This is your chance to get back into alignment and stop fighting yourself.

Trinity is launching on the 5th May 2024

Trinity for 2024 has finished. Check back for 2025 dates coming soon.

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

 Join Libby in person as she walks with you to a life of freedom and certainty.

This is perfect for you if you know you’re holding yourself back and you’re ready to reach that next level.

Because the thinking that got you here, isn’t the thinking you need to get you ‘there’. It will be fast, intense, and incredibly energising.

This is the powerful transformation you’ve been waiting for.

And we’re ready to welcome you in to build the life of your dreams.

Places are limited and will sell out fast.

Once they’re gone… they’re gone.

See what others have said

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

See what others have said

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

Testimonial on iPhone Triple - Judy - Lorna - Victoria-web
Testimonial on iPhone Triple - Shirley - Adele - Lisa-web

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

See what others have said

"Thank you for helping me realise what was holding me back and giving me the tools to move forward and start my first business."
Megan B
"Thanks for a brilliant course Libby! As you promised, it has helped me take “the Next step” in my journey. With your help, I’ve managed to define and decide. Next stop... declare."
Samantha A
"I launched my product in the second week, but I have some good news. I made £2800 in 10 days, from technically 12 hours work in the evenings and I now have the tolls set to do the same."
Katie F

Tame Your Brain® Trinity

Pay In Full

  • One Payment
  • 9 sessions over 3 weeks
  • 6 months Mastermind

Pay Over 3 Months

3 x $1130
  • Three Payments
  • 9 sessions over 3 weeks
  • 6 months Mastermind

Pay Over 6 Months

6 x $570
  • Six Payments
  • 9 sessions over 3 weeks
  • 6 months Mastermind

About Dr Libby

For those of you that haven’t worked with me yet, I’m Dr Libby Kemkaran, a Neurocoach, and peak performance specialist, Flow Consultant, speaker and Business Mentor.  I work with women around the globe to get out of their own way and finally get the life and business they desire.  I’ve run several businesses and I know what it takes to grow and scale to build a passive income stream. 

I used to be a consultant in the city before I went to Cambridge University in the UK and gained my degree in Behaviour.  I learnt so much about the Neural Mechanisms of behaviour, and ‘why people do what they do’ that I became passionate about helping other women understand what’s holding them back – and how to get massively productive and stop the self-sabotage! 

After 20yrs experience and working with 1000’s of women around the world I know exactly how to help you work with your neurology and rewire your brain to remove the doubts and fears holding you back so you can reach those 10k months with grace and ease.  I’ve been invited to speak about these subjects at many conferences and stages around the world.  I’m a TEDx speaker and circle host and I’m delighted to offer you a chance to work with me and “TAME® Your Brain” to help boost your chances of world domination this year.  It’s really simple when you know how. You need to know this – don’t let 2022 pass you by.

Come join me to use this time when the world is a bit nuts, and let’s get you started on this amazing knowledge that will revolutionize the way you think about your business brain.

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve.  Take action now.

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