I help Leaders use their neuropsychology to develop an outstanding culture and an engaged empowered team.  Business psychology has been my passion for the last 20yrs and I have developed the TAME™ methodology to work with you and use the power of neuroplasticity to reshape team behaviours into highly productive and happy players, ready to drive your vision forward.

I use the very latest and evidence based training, to radically up level communication and culture. I help them learn more about what makes them tick, and how to use the power of their amazing brain to unlock hidden abilities.  This increases staff engagement and reduces attrition, because happy successful people don’t leave!

When teams know and understand the ‘why’, then they stick at doing the ‘how’ that catapults you to seriously good team culture forever. 

This is the neurology behind why people do what they do, and I offer bespoke delivery of my signature programme Tame Your Team using the TAME™ methodology and framework delivered remotely over 3, 6 or 9 months to give you lasting results.  Hand tweaked to suit your specific markets and style, this personalised approach creates lasting change in a team culture and individual inspiration.

Discover the TAME™ framework and the 5 key modules:

These 5 modules can be delivered alongside Leadership Team workshops to enable the management to better continue to develop their team, and 1:1 support is available for the most highly committed leadership teams.

Tame Your Brain® - Money MagnetGet on board and conquer your money blocks

Tame Your Brain® - Money Magnet

The Money Magnet Experience makes success inevitable by giving you the focus, the strategy and the mindset to manifest anything you bloody want. 3 x 1 hour sessions Live with Dr Libby.