Tame Your Team - Tame Your Brain® Training for Business

Want a highly motivated and inspired team that get on with their job and look out for each other?  Want outstanding results? Want a ‘trust and inspire’ instead of old fashioned ‘command and control’ leadership?

Running like a well-oiled machine isn’t a fluke.  It’s not ‘luck’ either.  And it’s not something you want to leave to chance if you own a business right now. 

There are specific pieces of the puzzle that need to be in place for a team to function with Flow and at peak performance, in order to get those results you want for your vision. 

I help leaders develop an outstanding culture and grow and engaged and empowered team, using scientifically proven techniques used by top organisations. 

I deliver training to the team to teach them the mindset, skillset and action-sets used by the elite entrepreneurs and top athletes. 

Business psychology has been my passion for the last 20yrs, I’ve developed the ‘Tame your Brain’ set of tools and TAME methodology to shortcut business owners to greater success, fast. 

When you use the power of neuroplasticity in your team, you can reshape team behaviours into highly productive and happy players, ready to drive your vision forward.

These are all the latest evidence-based teachings, packaged into deep dive sessions with me, to radically up-level communication and culture.

I help the team learn their own neuropsychology of success, and how to work better with eachother – communication is king!

‘Happy successful people produce more productively’… They don’t leave either!

Once teams understand the ‘why’ behind behaviour change, they tend to do better at implementing the ‘how’. 

I offer bespoke delivery of ‘Tame your Team’, uniquely tailored to your current situation and players, and each team member gets their own ‘Big Cat Business Brain’ profile. 

This training is available remotely, or in person. 

Let’s Tame your Team, and get you to lasting change in team culture, along with individual inspiration. 

Discover the TAME® framework and the 5 key modules:

There are 5 key modules essential for team performance; my starter package is the first step consisting of the first 2 modules.

This critical piece is our deep dive into effective Flow communication, and details the 3 level of conversational intelligence, based on the four types of neurological thinking styles as seen in the 'Big Cat Business Brain'.

Participants receive their own Flow profile, and this is a workshop style training where they get to take radical responsibility for their own style, and increase their understanding of 'people who don't think like me' (75% of the rest of the world)

Then once we have profiled the team and it has begun to integrate into daily communications, 6wks later we return for our second workshop day to deep dive into the key motivations and stressors for each profile type, and make it come to life with workshop activities that increase the team effectiveness of working together.

 Investment for this is $10,000 USD (plus profile cost per team member – POA)

Further Modules

Next step is to lay out a roadmap for the next 3, 6 and 9 months training of the following pieces to the puzzle:

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See what others have said

Libby is a fantastically skilled speaker and trainer with high quality actionable content that you and your teams will love.

If you have the opportunity to work with Libby in any coaching or consulting capacity or if you have the opportunity to hire her as a main stage Keynote Speaker, Emcee, or Trainer, take it!
Having worked with Libby in the past, I have no hesitation in recommending her. She came to our company to help refocus the team to make sure we kept moving forwards at the same time staying true to our core values.

She is an engaging and exciting speaker who really can get the creative juices flowing and reinvigorate any team!!
Libby is an incredibly supportive coach, who is an asset to anyone developing a vision and strategy for future success. While working with Libby I saw a direct impact on the business in terms of performance and relationships at all levels.

As well as helping to build strategy and direction Libby’s work with our team, delivering workshops and getting the whole team involved were excellent - empowering and thought provoking for all.

About Dr Libby

For those of you that haven’t worked with me yet, I’m Dr Libby Kemkaran, a Neurocoach, and peak performance specialist, Flow Consultant, speaker and Business Mentor.  I work with women around the globe to get out of their own way and finally get the life and business they desire.  I’ve run several businesses and I know what it takes to grow and scale to build a passive income stream. 

I used to be a consultant in the city before I went to Cambridge University in the UK and gained my degree in Behaviour.  I learnt so much about the Neural Mechanisms of behaviour, and ‘why people do what they do’ that I became passionate about helping other women understand what’s holding them back – and how to get massively productive and stop the self-sabotage! 

After 20yrs experience and working with 1000’s of women around the world I know exactly how to help you work with your neurology and rewire your brain to remove the doubts and fears holding you back so you can reach those 10k months with grace and ease.  I’ve been invited to speak about these subjects at many conferences and stages around the world.  I’m a TEDx speaker and circle host and I’m delighted to offer you a chance to work with me and “TAME® Your Brain” to help boost your chances of world domination this year.  It’s really simple when you know how. You need to know this – don’t let 2022 pass you by.

Come join me to use this time when the world is a bit nuts, and let’s get you started on this amazing knowledge that will revolutionize the way you think about your business brain.

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve.  Take action now.

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