If you were an athlete, you’d have a coach. If you were a musician, you’d have a coach. If you want to learn to scuba-dive, you have a coach.

You might be thinking ‘I know it doesn’t have to be this hard‘.

And you’re right, it really doesn’t. I can help you bust through your blocks and obliterate your limitations to reach the next level using the power of your amazing brain. I’ll help you tame it, train it, and then release all this amazing power you already have… you’re just not YET doing the 4 key steps it takes to be consistently successful. It can be different, you CAN reach the next level and get your life back and enjoy a sense of balance and excitement without sacrificing your hard won success or sanity.

Don’t settle for a life lived on factory settings.

I am a qualified Flow Consultant, a Cambridge University educated Success Coach who has worked for 20yrs in the People Development space. I’ve been neurocoaching individuals for 20yrs. 

I am registered with the International Coach Guild, have a degree in Behaviour and have clients as far afield as Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia due to the wonder of the internet!  I will work through a 3month programme of intense support to lift you to the next level and guide you to building healthy habits and behaviours based on the abilities of your own brain. 

I have coached CEOs, entire leadership teams, female executives, business owners and vets and individuals motivated to change, whether high achieving alphas or lost and confused, coaching can move you forward.  I specialise in using proven scientific evidence-based methods to harness your brain’s superpowers to make success happen more easily. Making the possible more probable is not a trick, it’s a 4 step process which I lead my clients through step by step using the groundbreaking TAME™ method.

I will cheer you on and support you whilst helping you to change your blocked mindset and set a new standard for yourself. I’m an intuitive and transformational coach so prepare to work hard and we will together help find your path and give you a strategy for the next 6-12months of your life.  Don’t let another year go by feeling ‘is this it?’

Ready to find out more?

Don’t wait for another year to pass. Book a FREE Strategy call for free, and take 30mins to identify your blocks to Flow.

Tame Your Brain® - Trinity

Welcome home. It’s time to align, mind body and soul, working as one towards the life of your dreams. Effortlessly bringing yourself back into focus, soothing your nervous system and building that bullet proof mindset so you can move with ease and grace on your path to your goals.

Tame Your Brain® - Trinity

2wks, 10 lessons, step by step rebuilding your belief in where you’re going and your focus on how to get there. Join Libby in person as she walks with you to a life of freedom and certainty.