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Tame Your Brain to Get Online

Need to escape the daily grind? Stressing how to support your family? Want more than a 9-5 life?  Have you got an internet connection and a phone??

There’s so much more to you than just your day job. 

Let me show you how to build yourself an online course from scratch, and set yourself free from working for one employer.  You already have so many skills that you may not realise can be built and honed into a course that will set you free from the daily grind. 

There are already thousands of people making a living from the e-commerce online boom. You can be one of them. This is not some get rich quick scheme, it’s using the gifts and talents you already have in a new marketplace – I can show you how.


I have spent 20yrs studying what makes some business people succeed and others fail. I have built the Tame your Brain course to help you use your own talents and superpowers, and harness the power of neuropsychology to work WITH you and your passions to use what you already know and turn it into a set of products that people can buy, freeing you to work from home so long as you have an internet connection and a phone. 

You know you’re out of flow when you feel like you’re swimming through treacle, everything feels like hard work, and nothing is working out as you had planned.  Every decision feels like the wrong decision.

Contrast this to when everything is flowing with effortless ease, you are loving what you do and you are appreciated for what you do.  Flow is the intersection of doing what you love with what you do best.  It is using your talents and passion to create commercial value.  To figure out whether you are in flow you need first to know where you are. 

Learn the ‘6 S method’ to find your flow, and then define your talents and ideas into a course that’s perfectly designed to fit YOU.  This is no off-the-shelf franchise, it’s intensely personal and prescriptive to your talents.

The Foundation course starts with you.  We will drill down into your core skills, your abilities, and your passions to find what really suits you.  Then, we can begin to dig the solid bedrock layer of a business. 

TAME™ business model for rapid acceleration.

Real Results From Authentic Business Building

Katie gained so much from this course, that by Week 2 she was ready to launch her own product.

She had been thinking about this for 2 years but the impetus gained from the first 2 modules gave her the self-belief and traction she needed to press Go.

Katie has now billed her first £2k month and is building up to doing the same for next month. Once you start with this it becomes quite addictive and she is already creating a new product line as we speak.

Others on the course have also got to the point of launch at only Modules 4 & 5 and we are excited to see what they will also achieve.

This is no get rich quick scheme. It's no silver bullet, and it's not a business in a box franchise. Instead it taps into your own unique "mountain of value" - everyone has one it's just very common that we start to play comparison-itis and look at what everyone else is doing. This course teaches you how to do the exact opposite of that and instead zoom in closely on your zone of genius and then build your business focusing entirely on what you have to offer (you just may not know it yet).

Everyone has got limiting beliefs holding them back, the biggest being "I can't do this, I have nothing to offer". TAME Your Brain To Get Online helps rewire your brain, remove those limiting beliefs and create the traction needed for you to take action like Katie and build your own online income stream.


Once your course is mapped out and designed from rock solid foundations, then I’ll teach you how to communicate the value and get yourself online to begin to reach your future clients.  I’ll train you in ‘how to talk to people who are not like me’ using Talent Flow Profiling.

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Real Results From Authentic Business Building

Lynn gained huge insight from my Talent Flow Profile which helped her identify her strongest business drivers and gave her direction on how to shape her online business.

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