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Tame Your Brain® - Brand YOU

Ready to build your life of freedom and luxury?

Ready to create the life and business of your dreams?

Want 10k months without selling your soul?

Got morals?

This is for you if you want to:

Tame Your Brain® - Brand YOU doors open June 7th at 1pm (UK)


Then come on in, Brand YOU is here!


  • Weekly modules 1-8
  • Monthly ‘Flowzone’ sessions, applying Flow and the Big Cats to your specific challenge that month, with co-coach Sophie Ball
  • 3 x Q&A sessions per month
  • Closed FB group to build a supportive community
  • Support from Libby in the group for 4months

June 2023

July 2023

August 2023

September 2023

October 2023

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Everything gets to feel easy — your business start to flow with grace and ease. All of it.

There’s no uncertainty once you align, everything falls away as you reconnect with YOU.

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So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

See what others have said

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

See what others have said

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

In 4months from now, it will be October, which is the boom in our online market.  Where will you be by then?  Will you be further ahead?  We are not doomed to stay the same, we are marvels of change IF we can change our thoughts, which changes our behaviours. 

Our behaviours match our intentions when the brain and body work in beautiful alignment. 

If you’re ready to get into the driving seat, and start to work in Flow and harmony, unleashing these amazing superpowers, then get your seat at the table for THIS round of Brand You. 

This is our 11th ride, we know this works, we know how this will change your mind, change your life, and change your income.  Are you ready for it?

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So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

See what others have said

"Thank you for helping me realise what was holding me back and giving me the tools to move forward and start my first business."
Megan B
"Thanks for a brilliant course Libby! As you promised, it has helped me take “the Next step” in my journey. With your help, I’ve managed to define and decide. Next stop... declare."
Samantha A
"I launched my product in the second week, but I have some good news. I made £2800 in 10 days, from technically 12 hours work in the evenings and I now have the tools set to do the same."
Katie F

Tame Your Brain® - Brand YOU next programme due in November 2023


Tame Your Brain® - Brand YOU Payment

Pay in Full

  • One Payment

Pay Over 3 Months

3 x $1340
  • Three Payments

Pay Over 6 Months

6 x $675
  • Six Payments

Pay Over 12 Months

12 x $350
  • Twelve Payments

All prices exclude UK VAT where applicable.

"It’s in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped."

Dr Libby Kemkaran

See what others have said

I contacted Libby after seeing her mini “TAME® Your Brain” series on YouTube over the summer 2020. I was so impressed by her knowledge, practical approach and immediately knew after the first clarity call that I needed her expertise. When you choose to work with Libby, she teaches you the tools, empowers you, restores your confidence and inspires you to get back on that path that you’ve always somehow known was yours. Libby has provided me with a road map, to understand my path, my obstacles, and her guidance has helped and continues to help me everyday, to navigate my way to destinations that I’ve dreamed of but never knew how to reach.

After working with Libby, I am more focussed, I know more about myself, my strengths and how I can harness the very best parts of me to drive my dreams into reality. Libby is so smart, she is hugely articulate and extremely knowledgeable. Not only does she know so much about business, strategy after decades of experience, she also knows through her years of studying brains and neurology, exactly how to engage with your brain type, using the right language, tools, ideas and examples to really help you tap into your own resources, and get you on the way to being the best version of you yet.

I would urge anyone who is feeling a little lost, if you’re feeling a little like you’re just treading water, anyone who is feeling like “there just has to be more to life” to call Libby.  She won’t push you or hard sell you what she offers. You won’t need convincing by sales pitches or 2-4-1 type offers.. that’s not what she’s about. If you want real support, knowledgeable guidance and real-time help to navigate your life right now, then I would highly recommend it. It will be the best investment you can make in yourself and for yourself. At the end of your time with her, you’ll know yourself better, and you’ll understand yourself, why you react the way you do and you’ll be able to tap into the strengths that are already in you, so you can be your best, and achieve all that you deserve. 

Emily N

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

About Dr Libby

International Business Mentor, Neurocoach and TEDx Speaker Libby Kemkaran has helped 1000’s of clients around the world massively increase their success in business. She has helped her clients grow their worth into multi-million pound companies and build their businesses from the ground up.

Accredited Peak Performance consultant and qualified Flow Coach, she is creator of the award winning Tame Your Brain® methodology, the Big Cat Business Brain® profiling tool, and coaches CEOs, leadership teams and individual solo entrepreneurs around the globe. She is a Faculty Partner at the Entrepreneurs Institute, and teaches the TAME methodology monthly to the partners there.

Director of Kemkaran Consulting Ltd, Libby is a sought after consultant, corporate trainer, and keynote speaker to some of the most accomplished companies and organisations in the world such as Merck Pharmaceutical and the Rethink Academy.
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See what others have said

Stuff I’ve learned from Libby Kemkaran-Thompson* which I knew was gold but now that I’m applying it, down the line, I realise why …. *knowing what to do isn’t the same as doing what you know 😉
We all fall off course from time to time*…something or someone may take our attention or sap our energy temporarily….
The secret I now understand is that having a plan* is key to retaining focus.
The fun begins when you can be resillient enough to navigate the blues and continue to enjoy the detours you choose to take!
The rewards happen when you plan them.
Sarah P

So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!