Student edition of Tame Your Brain

❤️Beautiful people. I know many of you are proud owners of semi ferals like me. If you too are dealing with the hell that is this exam season, after 2yrs of disruption, then I did a thing for us today.

I put together my top 3 exam revision tips in the form of some powerful neurohacks that can change your state in a heartbeat. These things work.

Please get this link to your teen and get them to just still for 5mins. Even if they’ve already given up. Especially if they’ve already given up.

If it resonates with them, they may then be interested enough to pay attention for all 3 hacks and the total 23mins for this piece. It will make a difference I promise you, I’ve tried all these out myself when I was studying for a medical degree at Cambridge Uni. I don’t tell you anything that I don’t already know works.

If it doesn’t resonate, then at least they’ll get a break and 5mins of peace listening to me witter on about this. ❤️

Good luck everyone 🏆🙌💪🚀