Stop and Pause

🛑Stop. Pause. Because: When you’re racing and driving and pushing… your masculine is in full dopamine reward mode, and you start to NEED the hit.

You crave it like the hefty drug it is.

And if you don’t get it through your ‘results’?

You start doom scrolling🤯😣

That endless pull to refresh, that little meerkat scanning the horizon, looking to connect.

Or disconnect. Your brain needs both to feel ‘tribe’.

You define who you are, by who you’re not.

What you stand for, and what you refuse to settle for.

But. That’s where internet obsession starts from, endless differentiation, infinite Comparisonitis.

You must remember who you are to stay sane. Be true to you❤️

So stop✋Take a break. An interesting thing happens when you stop.

✨You get to decide whether to start running again. Not just follow your chemistry in your brain, driving you by relentlessly comparing where you are to everybody else.

✨Get back in the real driving seat by just stopping for a bit. Chill. And breathe.

✨Tame Your Brain. Change your life. You’re perfect just where you are❤️🙌🥰

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