Some Of My Clients Will Never Speak My Name.

They won’t leave glowing testimonials. And you won’t even know I’m coaching them. Because they’re high up enough for this to be VERY down low. Because Neurocoaching has in irresistible allure for powerful people. Because it works so bloody fast. Who’s got time to muck around??

You won’t see me cheerleading them because they’re too high profile, Politicians and Presidents in some cases.

But I will cheerlead my methods. Because today I’m blown away AGAIN by the results that Tame Your Brain always gets for her clients.

✨Because it cuts through the fluff, and works WITH your brain not against it.

✨You don’t need to read all the books, I’ve done that for you and will just gift wrap you the bits that work for YOU.

🐯Because there are 4 brain types, and once you know if you’re Cheetah Lion Leopard or Tiger, you can use the strategy and mindset that resonates for your braintype. Because neurocoaching just works.

Ps I may tell you their banner figure like 50million, but never their identity. Shhh.

Want to be my next secret client? 🕶️

Want to get out of your own way and claim your next phase right now?

I’ve got you.

I’m booking intensive deep dive Vision into Purpose days in August, we can get this done and get you on your way.

🟩You get your neurological profile, your Big Cat Brain decoded, we’ll rewire you from the ground up by whipping out those limiting beliefs getting you in your own way, and you finish with a bullet-proof roadmap built for your next amazing year in business and glorious life.🟩

(And of course I’ll then support you quietly whilst you soar)

Contact me because I know playing the emoji game and many chat isn’t your vibe😘🙌 let’s build your next glorious phase together.