Rich Strike – This horse had no idea he was a long shot

The story of ‘this’ horse running ‘this’ race should encourage us all to never give up:

🏆 Rich Strike wins $1.86Million.
🏆 Entered the race only the day before, and 30 seconds before the deadline.
🏆 Only got in the race because the 20th horse had to scratch.
🏆 Started from the worst post position on the outside of the track.
🏆 Had to make his way through the field of 19 other horses from the back.
🏆 His race career; 7 starts, one win.
🏆 His jockey, Sonny Leon, had never been to the Kentucky Derby.
🏆 His trainer, Eric Reed, has never raced a horse in the Kentucky Derby.
🏆 Eric Reed tragically lost nearly two dozen race horses in a barn fire a few years ago and struggled with quitting.
🏆 Eric Reed lost his two assistant trainers last year to cancer.
🏆 Rich Strike was purchased in a claiming race last fall for only $30,000.
🏆 80-1 odds.

This horse had no idea he was a long shot. He had no idea that he was entered last minute, because another horse scratched. He had no idea that his trainer and jockey had never won the Kentucky Derby. So he ran… and HE WON!

He even had enough left after a mile and a quarter to give hell to the pony horse😂🙌

Congratulations to this incredible team who reminds of the power and excellence in true grit and hard work🏆

Rich Strike wins the 148th Kentucky Derby!! What an incredible success story.

If no one has told you today, never forget that you are your own secret weapon.

What could you do if your subconscious wasn’t telling you ‘no’ all the time? How would it change your day to remember ‘this’ race is just around the corner for YOU? ❤️🚀⭐️

Watch the amazing run through the pack here:

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