Need to escape the daily grind? Stressing how to support your family? Want more than a 9-5 life? You are so much more than just your day job.

Let me show you how to build yourself an online business from scratch, and set yourself free from working for one employer.  You already have so many skills that you may not realise can be built and honed into a business that will set you free from the daily grind. You don’t have to be miserable in your day job.

These Vets have been brave and taken the leap, see what they have to say about Tame Your Brain® and Talent Flow Profiling.

I have spent 20yrs studying what makes some business people succeed and others fail. I have built the Tame Your Brain® course to help you use your own talents and superpowers, and harness the power of neuropsychology to work WITH you and your passions to use what you already know and turn it into a set of products that people can buy, freeing you to work from home so long as you have an internet connection and a phone. 

Get More From Your Life

Libby built Kemkaran Consulting because her creation of TAME® Neurocoaching model and ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ had opened up the digital space.

This is a scientifically proven set of methods, based on the neural mechanisms of Behaviour that she studied in her degree at University of Cambridge that teaches you precisely how to rewire your brain and condition yourself for success. Libby took all her business online in 2019, just before COVID hit.

Seeing a need in the market, Libby now helps other vets, nurses and professionals figure out how to build a business around their talents and enter the e-commerce entrepreneur arena.

Once your course is mapped out and designed from rock solid foundations, then I’ll teach you how to communicate the value and get yourself online to begin to reach your future clients. I’ll train you in ‘how to talk to people who are not like me’ using Talent Flow Profiling.

20yrs experience Training, Coaching and Neurocoaching teams and individuals for peak performance.

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