Talent Flow Profile and Debrief with Dr Libby Kemkaran

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A Talent Flow Profile & 1 Hour Analysis Call with Dr Libby Kemkaran


Talent Flow Profile and Debrief with Dr Libby Kemkaran
Flow State occurs in the absence of stress and boredom – at the intersection of where your passions, talents and skills come together. Every decision you make feels like it was meant to be and happened exactly at the right moment in time and place. You’re happy, feel useful to the world because you’re doing something so intrinsically right and easy for you.
In contrast, when you are out of flow, whatever you do feels like hard work and looking back, you feel that everything that you have done before feels like the wrong decision. So, how do you get into flow?
There are a number of factors that are key to get you there, the first one is having the clarity of what brain type you are. If you know that, there are activities and jobs you can deliberately choose to put your energy into which are just more suited to how your natural brain thrives. In the wrong job, it feels like wading through treacle. It’s tiring and draining and you have to force yourself to do it.
When you know how to utilise your amazing brain and work WITH it not against it, everything opens up to you. Profiling is the first step, and then applying the knowledge to your daily life and working out how best to keep yourself in flow is where the magic happens. Life feels easier because you’re not going against yourself all the time, you begin to notice when you’re out of Flow and find ways to get back to more of the good stuff- you can recognise and diminish those distractions that keep you from staying with your natural talents, which is a choice you get to make (sometimes on a daily basis).

1 review for Talent Flow Profile and Debrief with Dr Libby Kemkaran

  1. Jen

    Had a session to go through my personality profile with Libby. SO much stuff suddenly makes sense, and I feel kind of relieved to know that so much of the way I react and the things I like/don’t like aren’t just me being difficult/lazy/weird, it’s all about how my brain works! Jen.

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