Of course I moved forward

☀️ Walked my girls to school in a vain attempt to start getting strong again. I like food way too much. I also love that tickle, that little frisson of the unknown, so on the way back I took a right turn into the cornfield where I should’ve gone left and stayed on the path. Just to see. It started out so well….

The sun was shining, I was feeling SO blessed as I walked at the edge of the crop, flowers intermingled on the bank beside me and birds swooping and diving overhead🪶

I breathed deeply enjoying the sense of freedom and choice.

Then the edge of the field got a bit… bumpier. No problem, I can step over the ruts.

Then the grass blades got… bigger, and we’re now up to my knees, and there were cobwebs visible. I bloody hate spiders. I carefully picked my way past them.

Then the dew which had sparkled so romantically at first began to seep through my trainers.

I looked back over my shoulder to see how far I was- I realised I couldn’t see the school anymore and had gone down a dip. No one could see me, and no one knew where I was🙀

It was at this point I had a choice. I could fight on through the arching wet grass, keep stepping over ruts and rocks, dodge all spiders and just place my trust in my innate sense of direction and purpose, or I could quit and turn back. It was my choice.

Of course I moved forward.

Because even when I’m a tad nervous, this is what I’ve learnt over the years, just bloody do it anyway. Even when the path isn’t clear, do it anyway. Even when I doubt… Do. It. Anyway.

Because that gets you data. That gets you a result, which you can then decide if you want to replicate or change. Not always comfortable. Not always fun. Man, those spiders were a serious threat. But I carried on lol. Because there was a reason I started.

I made it to the edge of the field. Climbed the bank. Reached the safety of the footpath again. Laughed a bit at myself. Got home and journaled this to remind me of the lesson because life (and business) isn’t all like this picture. And sometimes the spiders are MASSIVE😂🕸🕷

Keep going anyway ❤️🙌🏆

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