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Tame Your Brain® - Money Magnet Experience

What do you want from 2023? The same? Or MORE?

What if you could magnetically draw ‘more’ towards you?
More impact, more income? More progress and more connection than you had in the last crazy year?

What if I could show you in two weeks how to get out of your own way for good

Hello, Massive Money Magnet. This is my shiny new experience as part of my Tame Your Brain® programme to get you into alignment, deliver you rock-solid mindset and strategy, and catapult you READY for the New Year 2023.

Money Blocks Report on iPad Straight

Change Your Mind. Change Your Income.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Come with me on a 3 week game-changer of a journey deep into the growth mindset you NEED for this year. The Money Magnet Experience makes success inevitable by giving you the focus, the strategy and the mindset to manifest anything you bloody want. And not a tarot card in sight, just the solid proven bullet-proof methods that have worked for hundreds of my clients. And me.

Ok Libby so what do I get?

You get 5 LIVE calls with me, each one hour long, then daily actions and support in the closed group with others on the same journey. Because you’re not alone in wanting more.

Is this right for me?

Ask yourself: What would it feel like to still be ‘here’ in a year from now? What will that cost you? And aren’t you tired of going round in circles?? I can help you make that STOP.

Clue: Don’t let another year pass you by with this feeling HARD. Because you didn’t sign up to be an entrepreneur to feel bad.

Money Magnet has launched. The next round of dates will be published soon.

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Dr Libby Kemkaran - TAME Your brain

About Dr Libby Kemkaran

International Coach and TEDx Speaker Libby Kemkaran has helped 1000’s of clients around the world massively increase their success in business. 

She has helped her clients grow their worth into multi-million pound companies and build their businesses from the ground up.

Director of Kemkaran Consulting Ltd and Advisory Director to 2 other companies, Libby is now a sought after consultant to some of the most accomplished companies and organisations in the world such as Merck Pharmaceutical and the NHS. 

She is creator of the ground-breaking signature Tame Your Brain® method and coaches CEOs and individual solo entrepreneurs around the globe.   


Working With Dr Libby

Watch the video below for a few comments from the amazing clients I have worked with. You can also see more here

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So many testimonials, I had to build them their own page!

Tame Your Brain® - Money Magnet Experience

Pay In Full

  • One Payment

Pay Over 3 Months

3 x $210
  • Three Payments


  • 1 Hour 1:1 session with Dr Libby
  • Big Cat Brain Profile debrief to understand your brain type.

The Tame Your Brain® Academy

Tame Your Brain Academy

Tame Your Brain® Academy members get one Live Subconscious Coding Therapy® (SCT) session per month, opportunity for Hot Seat Coaching & access to all my mindset content and training videos.