If we thought about the mechanics of walking, we would never even start.

Change your mind. Change your money. Change your life. To do all 3, you have to start moving.

If we thought about the mechanics of walking, we would never even start. ‘Raise leg, angle foot 45degrees to ground, apply 2kg pressure…’?? 🤯

So babies don’t read text books, they ignore the mechanics and they just crack on, figuring out as we go. Even if it’s not perfect. Even as we face plant over and over again. Because the desire is so much bigger than the fear.

🐆We just have the desire. The urge. The pull. The envy of watching others doing it. The picture of how it’ll feel when we RUN.

🐆And we want that feeling so much, every time we see someone moving fluidly and effortlessly.

But doing ‘life’ feels harder. Because by the time we try something, we have LOADS of evidence of failure. The fear is real and it can paralyse you in a heartbeat.

Your brain plays tricks on you…

it’s easier to tell yourself stories about why you can’t have what you want than to do it and risk failing. You’ll quit before you fail.

So we choose to get distracted. We criticise others. Get triggered by comparing ourself, seeing what we haven’t done yet.

It’s SO simple when you break it down. Focus on you.

– Decide what you want

– Define what it looks like when it’s done

– Declare it to the universe then take a step in the right direction.

✨Because ‘version one’ is better than version none.✨

And version one is one step closer to ‘version done’.

Screw the fear. It’s just your brains opinion about danger. Make your mind up to move EVEN with fear. Because that first step out of your comfort zone is not supposed to be comfortable, that’s not why you’re doing it.

You desire more. Be bold. Be brave. Be YOU.

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