How a Lion brain comes back from a conference.

This is how a Lion brain comes back from a conference.

1/ ‘oh WOW that was amazing! But did I connect with everyone?’

2/ ‘Here’s someone on my feed I HUGGED HER so I will now ❤️everything she ever posts, she is AMAZING and I love sisterhood look at her GO!’

3/ ‘I can’t bear to wash my clothes as they smell of hugs and love and connection’ (direct quote…)

4/ ‘Look at this girl go! I will just drop a voice note to say hi as I can’t remember how we left it but I KNOW I want to stay connected, I wish I was as driven’

5/ ‘I am fizzing with excitement I feel SO energised, but wait, what was I going to do first? I can’t remember what I committed to’

6/ ‘Gosh everyone else is smashing it, I feel a bit… flakey by comparison. And I may have forgotten how to do my job’

7/ ‘I didn’t sign up to the next level thing aa I was CERTAIN I would be ready to do it on my own, but now I’m not so sure…’

8/ ‘Look at her go. Why am I not going so far or fast?’

9/ I am feeling a bit sad.

10/ I am so alone and I hate everyone.

Sound familiar? Because for a Lion the connection in person is SO HIGH, that as soon as you unplug from the power source the energy drops, and with it goes all those great intentions.

Like a shower, or going to the gym once, it wears off. It can be a bit deflating.

Lion style success:
Book one thing, just one step that can start you moving again, a discovery call or dm that coach on your vision board. Ideally BEFORE you get to 7 lol

Because motion creates Emotion. And once you’re feeling it you move more. So you don’t reach stage 10.

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