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Feedback From Clients

Success Coaching

Ambushed by life events, uncertain about the future and with self-belief at an all time low, I was struggling to hold my life together. Then I met Libby. My first experience of coaching and it felt revelatory.

Gently, kindly and with her gift for connecting with and understanding people, Libby helped me back on track. She finds the patterns of behaviour that create mental blocks and the reasons for our limiting beliefs. Coupled with a host of thinking tools and practical tasks she prompted me to create new life and business goals with plans that were not just achievable but grew my self confidence as I pursued them.
Life didn’t just seem possible again but enriching, exciting and fun. Seemingly insurmountable obstacles became achievable challenges.

The result? A successful business and a happy me eager to see what the next phase of life will bring. Thank you Libby!”  


Libby has integrity and common sense, both of which are vital to growing a business. In my capacity as Head of Permanent Recruitment and Major Accounts I selected Libby to join us as a Management Consultant to help the company with a period of rapid change. She designed and delivered a robust training programme based around her Behavioural Psychology work ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, and led the Create 08 project which included reducing a high attrition rate and improving staff morale.

She is an exciting speaker, giving even hardened warhorse consultants a boost and can lead change in mindset and attitude in a company. I worked with Libby for 5yrs and we remain in contact some 15yrs later, I’m delighted to recommend her.

Amanda Richmond
Claremont Consulting

Keynote Speaker

Libby is a fantastically skilled speaker and trainer with high quality actionable content that you and your teams will love. I met Libby in 2019 when I was hired to be the Keynote Speaker in the UK at a large conference for business owners and their executives seeking to unlock their full potential.

Libby was the Emcee at this particular event and she also spoke and provided training to the entire group. I have to say that she was remarkable. Her personality is highly engaging face-to-face AND from the front of the room. And her content was unique and thought provoking for the entire audience, myself included. Her ability as Emcee to tie in all the different speakers’ content in a meaningful way for the delegates was perfection.

If you have the opportunity to work with Libby in any coaching or consulting capacity or if you have the opportunity to hire her as a main stage Keynote Speaker, Emcee, or Trainer, take it! You and your teams will be happy that you did because the value that she will provide your organization or conference will be measurable and impactful. Thanks Libby for making me look good on stage! You’re a Rock Star. Your friend and fellow speaker from the USA!

Clinton Young
Partner | Director of Franchise Sales at CPA MOMS, LLP

“Brilliantly engaging, has given me focus and made me realize if there is something I really want to do, then if I work hard enough it will happen.  Even if it takes a long time, it doesn’t matter as the time will pass anyway.  I’m creating my ladder already!!“

Great interactive training.  On time & relaxed!  Made me think about my life & what I need to change!!”

“The neurosciency bit! What you were doing at 8-10yrs old – v. moving. Lightbulb.”

“Thank you for making me question how I think about myself. Loved the structure. Made me realize I’m not equal in how I evaluate myself between work and personal.”

“Loved your passion & enthusiasm. Very useful as can see how it drives us & our clients & thought provoking.”

“Loved the interactivity and values to get me to re-evaluate.”
“Interactive workshop made it very engaging – Liked the real-life examples, made it seem achievable”
“Enjoyed self reflection despite finding it hard! Also understanding ‘The Flow””
“Spaced repetition very useful – more! Making change to Growth Mindset from Fixed Mindset. Loved the Flow. Makes perfect sense. Consequence 4-Square chart is great. Thank you so much! “