Crazy is being right too early

🤯Crazy is being right too early.

It’s catching the zeitgeist and saying ‘I know what’s coming’ and then doing it, long before anyone else gets it. It’s feeling so deeply that you know what to say next, even when everyone around you says ‘what the actual??’😳

I called my group ‘sisterhood’ in 2020 when I realised I wanted more from business than clawing my way over a pile of dead bodies to get to the top. I stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of ‘get rich quick’s.

I rebranded as ‘alpha entrepreneurs’ 2022 when I wanted to state that I would no longer settle for some of the appalling standards I was seeing around me in the online business world. We serve, and we do it with honour.

It’s hard to say why, but I knew where I was going. (And it wasn’t snake oil salesman. My client outcomes matter as much to me as my income).

➡️Because what you allow yourself to settle for becomes your life. You become the average of the 5 people you spend most time with!

➡️Don’t settle.

✨Set a high standard for what you put out into the world. Serve from a position of knowledge, you cannot serve with honour if its not yours to give in the first place.

✨Lift others as you rise. I’m now seeing so much more of this around me and it fills me with hope.

✨Make your choice of what you are and be bold, even if it feels like you’re the only one.

We’ve got this, crazy people of the tinterweb❤️

🔥Start walking🚀

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