Copycat has had it’s day?

🤨It’s so tempting to copy someone else. Doesn’t work in this market anymore. Why? Because your brain is beginning to evolve.

❓Notice how the bro marketing is slowly beginning to fade? The screaming of ‘look how much money I’ve made’ is dying down?

✨Newsflash. It’s because your clever brain is curious. It starts to ask different questions. It’s beginning to spot the ones actually walking their talk, not just the wannabes.

✨The whisper, not the shout.

‘Modelling’ someone successful was a great business tool back in the day.

Copycat copy has had its day.

✨Any view is altered by where you stand. If you’re about integrity, you’ll notice when people are not operating in that space.

If you’re pretending to be anything other than exactly who you are, you’ll be poorer for it.

And you’ll be cheating the world of the real you. There’s only one of you.

So enjoy your gorgeous view, just don’t think you need to change who you are one iota❤️

Here is your playlist for today’s #neurohack #thoughtdujour #tameontour because Olivia says it best🏆 https://youtu.be/Z-9gQjUZMm0

Choose to work with someone authentic. And who wants you to be you. If you’re interested I’m happy to talk.