Choose To Find The Joy On Purpose

🪙 I chose to get on the carousel with my kids whilst every other parent stood round the outside watching.

Did I know it was going to be quite so much ridiculous fun? No but it’s like flipping a coin. Getting on gives me possibility of both sides to land. Could be either, right?

But stay on the sidelines, and you already know the answer to what your experience will be. You’ve just taken a ‘flip’ out of the occasion.

By getting on… delicious possibility of both.

My sedate looking teacup actually spun round. I couldn’t see that from the outside. Only when I got on and sat inside it, to find one of those silver discs you can pull yourself round on if you chose to.

Turns out, I’m still wildly over excited at the fairground, I still believe in sucking the juice out of every day, I do more in a day than any human would deem reasonable. (Hence woke in Rennes near this glorious cathedral, supper in La Rochelle, and sleep in Bordeaux😂)

🚀 So I spun, faster and faster, giggling like a kid as I made myself a teensy bit sick and dizzy.

So thought du jour for you- when do you stay at the side, and when do you jump on just to see what could happen? Could you choose to find the joy on purpose? 😎

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