A Day In My Life!

A Day In The Life - Libby Kemkaran Desk

7.30am woken by kitten doing the wall of death off my headboard, and, unfortunately my face. Shower with her watching, then get kids up whilst in a towel, resisting all ‘5more minutes’ pleas whilst listening to early Voxer from Asia Pacific clients ahead of my timezone Like herding cats, get all in car plus 2 … Read more

Balancing Personalities – Back to Work

Balancing Personalities - Back to Work

I am a massive fan of neuroplasticity. I know it’s an off-putting word, but hear me out. I did a webinar this week for the mighty BVNA, with many thousands of members who are our frontline care staff. Understandably, there’s a massive difference in your experience if you’ve been furloughed to if you’ve been holding … Read more