Belonging Is Vital

❤️Belonging is vital. You crave it like a drug as a human ‘animal’. Tribe is how we survived as cave dwellers and your brain is still hard wired to belonging. Trouble is, we get it confused with ‘status’. And money. Why is that a TERRIBLE idea?

✨Because. Wealth is more than income✨

But status comes with the flashy toys you can buy with cash. Our cave brain then mixes that up with feeling like you’ve ‘made it’. You’ve arrived. You belong.

So we forget what’s real. We start to crave the cash. We lust after lucre. We feel posh with dosh😂🤑💸💰

Here’s the thing. On your deathbed, you probably won’t call for your LV bag or your red bottom shoes.

It’s always the people that matter.

I’m so in love with this group of my extended family it fills my heart.

True wealth is what you have left when you take away the money.

I’ve built my business to allow me to wallow in this tribe for a month❤️ Bon vacance everyone.

(Find your tribe. Hug them often and well. Because that’s what matters).

Success isn’t always easy. But it IS simple. You take action. You keep taking action. You repeatedly take the action.
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