ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching leads to some interesting hyper focus specialist subjects, this is probably my favourite sidebar of all time.

Knowledge is everything for transformation, so I always skill myself up first so I can lead others.

Having ADHD relentless NOISE means I’ve learnt neurohacks all my life.

  1. To book EXACTLY the same hotel room as the time before when away coaching clients, is my latest favourite.
  2. I know how to work the coffee machine
  3. I know which Molton Brown goodies they’re giving me already🏆
  4. I know the security of the room so fewer mental checks required, and I can get into Flow state faster each time which means I’m 5 x more productive. Cool.

Getting ready for my next beautiful coaching client, feeling at home whilst away is a great hack🕊️

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Ps I’m still playing with mirrors