Action gets results. A Surprise Win

#surprisewin😂 I’ve taken REPEATED actions to get to the business I run today obvs. But they don’t always look like you think they will. Your brain is more clever than you think, but do you trust it enough to go with your intuition??🤨

☀️My walk back from school is where I give myself time to turn over problems in my head without pressure or expectation, letting myself flow easily from one thought to another.

☀️I was thinking how ‘no mow May’ was nearly over and how crazy wild the garden had got, it was now too high to mow and I don’t have a strimmer, so I was pretty much stuffed so I phrased the question, ‘how can I change this??’

☀️As I walked I got a gut feel to just… change my route. But I always walk this way?? So I felt into it for a bit, mildly curious as to why, for the first time do something different, I didn’t know so I just went with it.

✨I turned left instead of right. This took me past the church rather than the cornfield…✨

As I walked I became aware of the scent of fresh mown grass on the air then I suddenly heard the distinctive sound of a huge pull-cord, cut through anything, industrial strength strimmer start up and as I turned the corner, there was a burly man in the middle of attacking verges turning them from a sea of cow parsley into manicured lawn.

I smiled with the smugness of a cat, a huge quietly seething satisfaction at my brain quietly solving my problems by leading me towards the fix, nudging me to take the actions, and I only got there purely because I trusted it to🥰

I chatted to the man, complimented him on his amazing power tool, he agreed to come help me out when he’s finished work😂🙌

➡️ My Reticular Activating system kicked in and led me towards relevant info of cut grass and strimmer sounds

➡️ All I had to do was ask the right questions, and the rest followed

➡️ Action gets results.

⭐️Sometimes it’s the tiniest shift that gives you a massive win, you just have to start walking in faith that you’ll figure it out⭐️

Now just to sniff out a solution my brain can lead me to in order to tackle this behemoth of a wisteria. Cheers🙌⭐️🤯

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