A Day In My Life!

⏰ 7.30am woken by kitten doing the wall of death off my headboard, and, unfortunately my face.

😻Shower with her watching, then get kids up whilst in a towel, resisting all ‘5more minutes’ pleas whilst listening to early Voxer from Asia Pacific clients ahead of my timezone📲

Like herding cats, get all in car plus 2 friends and drive to school doing our ‘in car coaching’ HEPGECKL getting kids to come up with their thing they are MOST happy about, excited for, and proud of for the day. ONLY make it as far as P before last minute wobble from my baby shaped one, which I coach her through with one eye on the clock as my first call is 9am…. I love you my child now GO so mummy can focus. Wave goodbye feeling like worst parent in all the world. School can take over for a bit.

9am Client in APAC is awesome and lights up my soul. We do some timeline work, uncover some Limiting beliefs from 5yrs old that’s still playing out today, and begin to unwire so she can live and grow her business.

Next is a team meeting with my amazing team tame including my VA saviour Sophie ❤️ who I couldn’t run my life without. We plan out q3 and 4 and map the next group course.

Then hair and make up 🎥 and onto my speaking gig conference ‘confidence in leadership’ teaching the big cat business brains 🐆 to hundreds of attendees. Not on screen whilst others are speaking so finish my Voxer messages and write some mind maps for my group course.

🎙On screen for Q&A, fantastic feedback with lots of people saying how mind-blowing this content is and emails asking for more info on my coaching.

5pm switch hats and turn back into mummy, my immediate job is to turn on the hose for a water fight, and help them with water balloons💧. How different my roles are.

💻 Then I configure my new desk set up with the amazing Rob for 2hrs whilst going between kids and online tutoring and running bath for stressed out exam teen. Record short vid from new rig.

Sit down to eat supper 9pm 🍲. The life of an online entrepreneur is a fabulous, vibrant, and sometimes exhausting one, but I wouldn’t swap it for the world ❤️☀️🚀⭐️

And my baby was fine❤️☺️