Tame Your Brain. Change your Life.

Everything starts with your brain. Results come from Action. Action comes from Emotion. Emotion comes from your thoughts.

Choose wisely, because your mind creates your reality and your results.

“Information by itself is just a really great paperweight. It’s the book you bought that you really wanted to read and then just sat on your shelf.
Integration is doing something with it. “

Tame Your Brain. Change Your Life. Change Your Income.

Everything starts with your brain.

Get your brain working with you, not against you. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it. It’s time to explode those old limiting beliefs holding you back, get out of your own way, and rewire for success.

Who Have I Worked With

I'm Dr Libby Kemkaran, an International Coach and a peak Performance specialist.

I’ve been nominated 3 times in 8 months, and have won Entrepreneur of the year 2021, and am finalist for Digital Women 2022. I’m on the ‘50 Women to Watch’ shortlist for 2022.

I’m qualified as a Flow Coach and I’ve got the degree in behaviour. I know how to calm your nervous system, and rewire your behaviours for lasting change.

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20yrs experience as a Neuro and Success Coach, giving you the mindset and strategy to transform your life and build the business success you dream of with ease and flow.

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Libby is a neurocoach for entrepreneurs, executives and teams, is a TEDx and keynote speaker at conferences worldwide and runs award winning group coaching programmes.


Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, Global Women Awards

Digital Entrepreneur of the year 2022 Finalist, Digital Women Awards

50 Women to Watch list – Digital Women

Inspirational Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 nominee, GIFEW

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